On using this application we assume you to accept the terms & conditions, while using the application it only give access if you accept the terms & condition. We refer to all the products as services in this policy. All the terms and conditions are applied as per the legal rights and obligation.

You should be careful while reading the terms & conditions, understand the company liability and responsibilities and the terms that restrict to wave your rights. Please be careful while reading the terms and decide whether to accept it.

If you do not accept the terms and conditions, it will not give access to use this app, their services we provide. By giving the access of our services, you agree with these terms & conditions, if there is any query you can contact us throw all the sources available.

Our Service

We are providing services for your business advertisement banners where you can design the banner of festivals, devotional, morning quotes and many other different types of banners.

These services help for your personal and business uses of initial purpose in the organization that represent. You are responsible for obtaining access to the internet and the equipment necessary to use the services.

There are subscription plans where you can have the benefits of using the applications. As per the plans you have the functions and different types of banners are available for your selected category.

There is refer code where you can use the applications for free 7 Days, there are all types of banners available with high quality in premium so we suggest you to subscribe and use all the advantages of the application.

If there will be any changes regarding the application we are sending notification, or if there is update we hope you update the application and enjoy the application with new update.

Support queries

If you have any queries related to the application you are free to contact us on: . The services may include communication from us, announcements, administrative messages and newsletter. Understand that this communication shall be considered as part of the services. As part of privacy policy, we provide you the options of opting out the receiving certain email communication. At some point you will not be able to receive administrative messages including the request validate you email address.


Understand and agree the revenue and value may be generated by use of digital banners, via including without limitation, our sales of advertisement, and fees charges in digital banners, cooperate with third party, etc. The terms our express written content and the agreement with you, you agree with the following points:

  • 1. Not allowed to share such revenue entitled value.
  • 2. Not allowed to receive the payment and consideration from any upload content of Daily Banner.
  • 3. Not allowed to engage the activities to monetize any content you upload to daily banner, including the limitations, publish advertisement in violation terms.

You agree with the authorized company to publish any commercial information to you while providing services and you agree the authorize the company to send you sales and other commercial information using contact information providing by you to us for the purposes of registration and maintenance of the action.

Complaints & Feedback

Feedback of any sort is interesting to learn about the ways we make our services better to work and attract the new user easily. If you choose to submit the comments, ideas or feedback, you agree with whatever you have issue or you love to use it.

By accepting your submission, we wave the rights of use similar or related feedback known for daily banner, or developed by its employee, or obtained from source other than you. By submitting a compliant you authorize the team of daily banner required your account to address your issue.

For any further complaints and feedback the person you are viewing your address accounts and the details of your primary account with all the. You can response directly about the problem you are facing to our authorized.

Fees & Payments

Services are available under the subscriptions fee charges for the various plans. Whenever the plans end there are renewed of the subscriptions fee will be charged if you continue the use of plan. You wish to changes the plan you are free to change but after the current plan expires you can change after that only.

If your payments are failed the money that is debited from the accounts will be credited in your bank account with in the days as per the bank conditions.

We provide all types of payment option to get the subscription plans for you, so you can use these subscriptions plans for better use of functions in applications.

Note: There is no Refund policy in our payment services, once you are active as a subscriber you are going to have all the benefits of that subscription.

As it is mention in privacy policy.


Use the application for the better purpose of your business and the functions in the applications are easy to use. Agree the terms & conditions of the applications and use it.